Truly Crumbtious - Prices
Cake prices
Typically a 6" sponge cake starts from £35. However, each cake can vary in price depending on size and design. Most designs can also be made in fruit/spice cake or a mixture of the two, however there is an additional cost for this.
A few examples of cakes we have previously made for clients, along with the relevant prices, can be found
Wedding Cake prices
Unfortunately, we cannot give a price on wedding cakes as we believe each cake is individual and personal to the client. As such, our prices are too. We do not generalise and only give a quote for a wedding cake once we have spoken with the client and have a full design brief to work on.
If you are interested in a quote for a wedding cake please give us a ring or email us and we can arrange a suitable time to discuss your requirements.
We are constantly increasing our knowledge and improving our skills when it comes to cake toppers.
If you would like a topper made to a specific design please contact us and we would be happy to discuss this with you.
Each topper is made to order, that way we can design the topper to fit the cake it is to be made for. At present we are unable to send toppers by post. You can find examples of some of the toppers we have made
Cupcake prices
Everyday cupcakes - £1.25 each
These are available in a wide range of flavours and are sold daily in our coffee shop as well as made to order.
Hand decorated cupcakes - from £1.75 each
These are cupcakes made to a specific design or theme, usually with handmade decoration. The design possibility are limitless when it comes to cupcakes and as such, these are priced according to the work involved in the specifc design. If you would like a quote for a particular theme or design please contact us with the specific details.
More details in relation to cupcakes, including design examples, can be found